If you are getting used to hitting a big bump driving into your garage, you might not think about it, but it is likely that your cement driveway has sunk down below the level where it was installed. It is natural for heavy installations to settle over time, but sometimes it can be an outright pain to deal with a cement slab that has settled leaving you with cracks and uneven surfaces.

While the cost of replacing a driveway might be discouraging, there is a cheaper alternative that some homeowners utilize to get their cement driveways and walkways level once again. It does not involve tearing up the existing cement which can prove to be a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Instead, a method called mudjacking is used to fix the existing slab. To accomplish this, holes are drilled into the cement and a mixture of cement water and dirt is pumped in to raise the slab to the desired level. As long as care is taken with possible pipes or cables underground, it is a quick and safe fix for issues with your driveways and walkways.