There are many wood destroying organisms out there, but the ones that most homeowners are familiar with are termites. Many homeowners have been shocked to find out that their home is being eaten up from the inside out by these insects, and unfortunately when the damage is serious enough to be visible, it might have gone so far that major repairs are needed. What this means is that it is important for you as a homeowner to be aware of any signs of an infestation and act on them quickly.
So, what should you be on the lookout for? In the springtime, you can keep an eye out for swarming termites around lights as well as wings left behind on windowsills. This is a sure indicator that there is an active, mature colony near your home. It could already be inside of your walls, so closer inspection is warranted.
If you tap on the walls around your home, you might notice sawdust falling out, another sign that there could be termites eating away at your home.
If you use firewood, this could be the source of an infestation, so you should keep it stocked away from your home if at all possible.