Signs of trouble aren’t always easy to identify, wouldn’t you agree? For example, how can you tell whether a clog is forming in your pipes? It’s not like you can see inside to catch it.

While this is true, there are some ways to figure out that something is going on without getting an inside look, and before the time the water stops flowing altogether.

The natural early sign is that water flows slower than normal, but since the change will be gradual, this might be tricky to notice. One of the places where it might be most obvious is the shower when the water starts pooling around your feet.

Another sign is when using one sink affects another. You might hear gurgling noises in the kitchen sink when someone is washing their hands in the bathroom. This could indicate that there is a clog somewhere in your pipes.

Paying attention to things like these could save you an expensive and time-consuming issue further down the line (pun intended).