New Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspections

When purchasing a new home, a home inspection is still important. Just because it is new, doesn’t mean that it is right. We can provide many examples of plumbing, roofing, structure and all kinds of issues we have found in new construction homes.

Many builders find themselves hiring out work to less than professional contractors to keep up with their work load. These ancillary contractors can make grave mistakes not known by the builder in general. Even the best builder can make mistakes. In fact, sometimes the better builders can even take certain parts of your home for granted.

The code enforcer is also not working for you – he works for the municipality and is looking for THEIR best interest. So getting a new construction inspection is very important.

Items Included on a New Construction Inspection

Structural Design 
Load Conditions and Structural Systems
Vertical Loads
Lateral Loads
Structural Systems
Load Path
Vertical Load Path
Lateral Load Path
Structural Design Loads

Load Combinations
Dead Loads
Live Loads
Soil Lateral Loads
Wind Loads

Material Properties
Concrete Masonry Units
Soil-Bearing Capacity and Footing Size
One-Way (Beam) Shear
Two-Way (Punching) Shear
Flexure (Bending)
Bearing Strength
Reinforced Concrete Footing Design
Lap Splices
Foundation Walls
Concrete Foundation Walls
Shear Capacity
Combined Axial and Bending Capacity
Reinforced Concrete
Combined Flexural and Axial Load Capacity

Minimum Concrete Wall Reinforcement
Concrete Wall Deflection
Concrete Wall Lintels
Flexural Capacity
Shear Capacity
Check Concrete Lintel Deflection
Masonry Foundation Walls
Unreinforced Masonry
Axial Compression Capacity
Combined Axial Compression & Flexural Capacity
Tension Capacity
Reinforced Masonry Design
Shear Capacity
Axial Compression Capacity
Combined Axial Compression & Flexural Capacity
Minimum Masonry Wall Reinforcement
Masonry Wall Lintels
Preservative-Treated Wood Foundation Walls
Insulating Concrete Form Foundation Walls
Slab on Grade
Pile Foundations
Frost Protection
Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
Structural Design of Wood Framing

Material Properties
Wood Species
Lumber Sizes
Lumber Grades
Moisture Content
Structural Wood Panels
Lumber Design Values
Adjustment Factors
Load Duration Factor
Repetitive Member Factor
Horizontal Shear Factor
Size Factor
Column Stability Factor
Beam Stability Factor
Structural Evaluation
Structural Safety Checks
Horizontal Shear
Compression Perpendicular to Grain

Load Bearing Structures

Combined Bending and Axial Loading
Compression and Column Stability
Structural Serviceability
Floor Vibration
Floor Framing
Floor Joist Design
Subfloor Design
Wall Framing
Load-Bearing Walls
Non-Load Bearing Partition
Conventional Roof Framing
Roof Trusses
Roof Sheathing
Gable-End Wall Bracing

All inspections performed by Alpha Inspections follow the guidelines of the INTERNACHI SOP. By contracting Alpha Inspections, you agree to the terms in the above SOP. SOPmay be found here:

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