Using a plunger properly is not as simple as dropping it in the toilet and plunging. If you do it improperly it might not have any effect, or, even worse, it could damage your pipes.

It all starts out with how much water you have in the toilet bowl. If you have too much you run the risk of splashing contaminated water on the floor. If it doesn’t go down fast enough, you might need to scoop some out, just make sure you wear plastic gloves and avoid spilling any.

On the other hand, if the water is too low, plunging won’t be effective.

After you have the proper water level, you should make sure you fill the plunger up with some water, since this will help you in your task. After that, ensure that the plunger seals well against the opening of the pipe and push and pull with rhythmic movement, but not doing so too quickly. If there is too much pressure you could damage the pipes.