When you are getting your home inspected, you might not think that your garage needs to be part of the inspection. In fact, though, it is important that your garage gets inspected. There are many issues that could cause damage to your property or even cause you bodily harm if they were to be left undiscovered for a long period of time.

The problem with garages is that in some cases they were built after the main building was constructed and not always up to code. Electrical connections in a garage are notorious for poor installation, and this could lead to shorts or even fire.

Another common issue is rodents. You don’t want to allow these little critters in your garage, since they love chewing through the wires in your car, and that could cost several hundred dollars in repairs.

If you have water pipes running through the garage at some location, leaks could go undetected for a long time causing a lot of damage.

These are just some of the problems that could be hiding in your garage, so make sure that it is included in your inspection!