While we like to think that people are honest, we know for a fact that there are many dishonest persons out there. Even when it comes to something as serious as buying a home, you can’t always rely on the seller giving you the full picture. This is why a home inspection is an essential tool to be fully aware of the state of a building before you sign the dotted line.

There will usually be some telltale signs that a seller is trying to hide something from the buyer’s inspector. If there are pieces of furniture placed in odd places, they might be there to cover something. If there is a lot of clutter in the way blocking access to a certain area in the basement, that could be somewhere they don’t want the trained eyes of an inspector to look.

Combining experience with the latest tools, such as drones and thermal imaging, a home inspector can see things that the seller didn’t think would be noticed, and that could save you from an investment that isn’t exactly what it seems.