Are you having problems with your p-trap? If you don’t know what a p-trap is, don’t feel bad, it’s not a term that most homeowners are familiar with, but it refers to the pipe under your sink that has a sharp bend in it. It is there to prevent sewer gas from seeping into the air in your home, but these things can fail at times, leading to issues with smells as well as some possible health issues.

So, what could cause a p-trap to fail? Usually, it will be because of the water level going low enough that it doesn’t seal the pipe up anymore. This can be due to a leak, an incorrectly installed pipe, or just lack of use.

If you don’t use a sink for a period of time, the water sitting in the p-trap can evaporate, causing the water level to go below the point where it seals up the pipe. If that is your problem, you could get into the habit of running a little bit of water down the drain every now and then to keep the p-trap topped off. There are also some devices that can do this automatically for you if you would prefer that.